Man digging hole for tree relocation

Frequently Asked Questions & Landscaping Services Pricing


What Communities are served by Landscape Hole Diggers?

We serve Kelowna and West Kelowna.


Who are your Landscapers?

Our Landscapers are people willing to work hard at a part time job.  Landscapers are covered by Worksafe BC.


How much do your services cost? 

We charge $39.00 a person hour including hand tools related to digging, trenching, shoveling, raking, edging, planting and moving landscaping.  We do not provide materials and supplies. 


What do you do with yard waste such as dirt and green material?

We place yard waste in a location on the job site as directed by the home owner.  Weeds and green material are placed in clear plastic bags.


When and how do I pay for LHD services? 

You will be emailed an invoice for the services you use, payable by cheque, credit card or email transfer.


Does someone need to be present when the work is being done? 

The owner or a representative of the owner should be present at least at the beginning of the job.  This ensures that the job is done to the requirements of the owner.


What happens if the job turns out to be bigger than anticipated? 

Book as many appointments as you need. 


How long are appointments and can I book more than 1 appointment for the same day?

Bookings are made in 4 hour blocks of time and range from 2 to 4 hours depending on your needs. Several appointments can be booked at one time subject to only 1 appointment for the same day.  


What if I have other questions? 

Just email your questions with the word "Question" in the subject line to or call 1-800-977-5504.